Compliance systems and quality auditing

Creating systemic standards?
Nervous about whether existing standards are being met?
Looking for an effective method of auditing compliance?

To do this stuff well, you need ‘systems thinking'.

Clients of Community Link tend to notice our commitment to systems thinking. We understand what happens in a service as ‘a system made up of sub systems and processes. These processes produce outputs which contribute to the client and community outcomes for which everyone is striving.

Community Link’s practice, known as Foundations First reflects systems thinking. The practice envisages the creation of standards and other regulatory requirements in the context of a system, and an assessment of compliance in the same way. Under Foundations First key processes that will lead to required outputs and outcomes are established and examined from four fundamental perspectives design, knowledge, records and stakeholder experience.

  1. Design ?has the process been properly designed or organised?
  2. Knowledge ?are service managers and staff aware of the process requirements?
  3. Records ?are the outputs of the process recorded to demonstrate its use?
  4. Stakeholder experience ?what do clients and other external stakeholders think of their experience of
    relevant processes?

You can work with Community Link using Foundations First?to research and formulate standards, reflecting what is important to ensure outcomes in your service or program. You can train people in your organisation to manage internal quality auditing strategies across all programs, or undertake an internal quality audit upon which you can rely in one program. If you want an external critique of the extent of compliance of your service (or a range of services) to relevant standards, Community Link can offer independent quality compliance auditing as required.

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