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Personal Information collected by Community Link Australia Pty Ltd (Community Link)

Community Link is an Australian company that provides consultancy services to human services organisations. Here at Community Link, we take our responsibility very seriously to meet Australian laws about the security and safety of personal information that you may provide to us when we work with you. We agree that -

  • The ownership of all personal information provided to us by our customers belongs to the customer organisation and we will manage it according to your directions unless we are required by the law to do otherwise
  • Community Link agrees to comply with the Australian Commonwealth Privacy Laws and Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) that relate to the collection, use, access, safety and security of personal information
  • We will do everything reasonable to enable you to comply with funding agreements between your organisations and funding agencies that relate to the management and security of personal information relating to your clients, in accord with Australian Laws and APPs
  • We will keep all hard copy and electronic material that contains personal information in a secure location in Australia, no data is stored outside of Australia.

To the greatest extent legally possible, we require our internet data service providers, contractors and staff to comply with Australian Privacy laws and the Australian Privacy Principles to prevent misuse or disclosure of personal information. Information about our customer organisations that is commercial in confidence or subject to legal professional privilege will not be shared with any other person or company without your prior written permission, unless we are required by law to do otherwise. If you are a customer of Community Link, or if you make an enquiry of our services at Community Link and provide your personal information, the key provisions of the Privacy Policy are as follows -

  1. Sharing information with third parties
  2. We will never sell personal information to third parties and we won’t use a person’s name or company in marketing statements without your express permission.
  3. Limits to confidentiality
  4. The only time we may have to share information on individuals without their consent is if we believe that the law requires us to do so (e.g. if a criminal offence is committed or if a court orders that we have to provide information). This is very rare.
    Unless we are legally prevented from doing so, we will advise the customer organisation or individual that we have received a request to share their information with a third party without their consent.
  5. Access to your Personal Information
  6. If you are an individual about whom we have your personal information, you have a right to access personal information that we have collected about you.
    If you wish to access this information, just let our Privacy Officer know that you want to see your records. We will give you a form to complete and ask you for details about what you want to see so that we can identify the appropriate records and process your request.
    The Privacy Officer will review your request as soon as possible after receiving your completed form. If you are a client of a customer organisation, then our Privacy Officer will talk to our customer about your request. Access to information held in your records will be allowed unless:
    • the information is protected under the laws relating to legal professional privilege
    • the information relates to personal information about another person and if it would breach their confidentiality to release it to you without their consent
    • the sharing of the information may have a serious impact on the safety and wellbeing of a person
    • the release of the information may interfere with an investigation into unlawful activity
    • the release of the information would breach a contract we have with a customer organisation
    • if we are prevented by law to release the information to you.

    The Privacy Officer will contact you and let you know about the outcome of your request within 5 working days of your request.
    If you believe there is personal information held by Community Link that is inaccurate, incomplete or misleading, you have a right to ask for the information to be amended. We will do everything reasonable to respond to your request, unless there are legal reasons for not allowing the personal information to be amended.
  7. Your rights if you think there has been a breach of your confidentiality or privacy
  8. If Community Link is holding your personal information, you have the right to request information about how your personal information is handled, to complain, and seek a review of a decision about how your personal information is managed. Any enquiry or complaint about a breach of your confidentiality or privacy will be treated seriously by Community Link and responded to as soon as possible.
    You can contact our Privacy Officer at any time with your request or complaint. Our Privacy Officer will respond to you as soon as possible after you have lodged your request in writing to discuss your request and identify what action you would like us to take.
  9. Use of website visitor information in analytics
  10. Community Link uses information, which is not personal information, to analyse the effectiveness of its promotional website. The information collected includes –
    • Visitor numbers
    • Dates and times of visits to the website
    • Most popular pages
    • Last page viewed before logging off
    No identifying or personal information is used in the analysis of the promotional website.

Contact our Privacy Officer for further information

If you want further information from Community Link, you can contact our Privacy Officer by sending your questions or request to

Other places to get information about Privacy

You can also get further information about privacy from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner Enquiries Line 1300 363 992

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