Risk management services and training

Community Link Australia uses a risk management framework based on proactive management techniques which are designed to protect an organisation, workers and management and consumers from harm or loss. It is a positive and structured approach which relies on common sense, planning and good management. Incorporated in the framework is a six step approach to risk management for community organisations. It is based on Standards Australia's Risk Management Standard.

The six steps involved are:

  1. List the activities - of the organisation or an individual worker or volunteer
  2. Describe the context - the legal, social, contractual etc environment in which the risk may arise
  3. Identify the risks - what are the risks in undertaking the activities within the context
  4. Evaluate the risks - how likely is the risk and what are the consequences
  5. Develop strategies - how might the risks be managed and minimised
  6. Implement, monitor and review - monitor the risk management plan, identifying effectiveness and any new or changed risks

Training in risk management is offered in the form of a one day workshop. The intent of the workshop is to assist participants to develop, implement and monitor a risk management plan in the context of their organisations. The place of insurance in risk management strategies is assessed.

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